Tips from a Professional Landscaper on Basic Landscaping

Modern landscaping design usually tries to blend functional exterior living pieces with plants and accessories. This could mean choosing a contemporary design which matches a home’s architectural style, using materials for a more contemporary appeal. Modern landscaping does have some aspects of modern architecture, and uses clean straight lines and minimalism, instead of form. This is in sharp contrast with more ostentatious traditional landscaping, which can be seen in French and English gardens.

Sketching your garden is generally the first step a landscaper takes. As it will offer a better idea regarding space available and does help to determine the areas for design. Seating could be in one area, with another location for flowers and shrubs. Another function of a sketch is to note any areas which are shaded, sunny and which receive sunlight all day long. This helps when choosing your plants and flowers.

Deciding on your garden’s theme and purpose is also another element with contemporary landscaping design. Some choose to use every inch of their garden and install such things as patios, pools, and fountains. However, others want a more quiet and peaceful area that is surrounded only by nature. Also, determining the reasons behind landscaping will help a landscaper when choosing their elements, plants, and flowers.

The seating area in a garden generally acts as a focal point. These areas usually feature a table and matching chairs. However, with modern landscaping, this also includes interior living arrangements which flow to the exterior. Which means using wicker sofas, glass tables that use rocking chairs etc. The key to modern landscaping is to pair hardscape materials with the exterior furniture.

Hardscaping elements do help to create the necessary lines and angles that are found in contemporary landscaping. They are used to bind any architectural elements into a more uniform look. Instances of this could include paving blocks, concrete, mulch, colored tiles, and pebbles.

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