Want to Know the Right Way to Perform Sprinkler Repair?

In order to perform the correct lawn sprinkler repair, you will need to use a 3-step program to first determine what the problem is; these fall under 1 of 4 areas, they are preparing for the repair, which you will need to assemble all the right tools and prep the area and then performing the actual repair. Repairs generally start by switching off the lawn sprinklers if there is a leak. Once the repair is done, simply switch the water and power back on, and test the effectiveness of your work.

A sprinkler system which needs repairing can generally be determined by the flow of water; this could be gushing or not enough, or by noticing patches on your lawn, where the grass is drying up. The most commonly performed repair jobs include the replacement of broken sprinkler heads, repairing a damaged water pipe, and evening out the dispersion of water and restoring the power. Each of these is easy to diagnose.

If your sprinkler head is damaged, there should be a geyser of water emanating at the break. A broken pipe will have water seepage, which in turn, creates a pool of water on your lawn and reduces the water flow to your sprinkler heads. Uneven dispersion results in brown grass patches which do not receive sufficient water.

For sprinkler repair on a broken pipe or head, you will need to first switch the water off. The tools you will need will be a hacksaw, shovel, wrench, in addition to any materials which need to be replaced, like the pipe or sprinkler head. Dig around the broken section, clearing an area big enough for you to work in. Remove the sprinkler head from its base, and then screw in the replacement. Broken pipes are sometimes sealed with waterproof adhesive; however, they can be cut away, and a new piece installed, putting a small collar on each join will strengthen the repair.

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